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Mechelle Reasoner and Five Oaks Realty

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Mechelle Reasoner and Five Oaks Realty

Mechelle Reasoner is a real estate agent that has been working in the Folsom, CA area for over 30 years. When I met with Mechelle, she was in the process of starting her own brokerage firm, Five Oaks Realty, and needed a logo for her new venture. However, upon further reflection, she realized that this was a good opportunity to rebrand herself and her real estate business so that she could market it and her brokerage firm as a package deal – that her clients would know Mechelle Reasoner and Five Oaks Realty were one and the same.

My job was to create a brand image that reflected her and her wonderful story. The name Five Oaks Realty represented herself, her husband, and her three children, and the Oak tree imparted a sense of stability, resilience, and integrity. All of this formed the foundation for her work ethic, and the image she wanted to relay to her clients. I worked to incorporate elements of the Oak tree into her design, and to make sure that the two logos worked together to form brand recognition.

Combined with her unexpected color choices, the end result was a clean, simple and eye catching logo system that would translate well onto all her marketing collateral.

"It was great working with Jennifer Perez at Ten 18 Graphic Design. She took time to understand what I was about and how I wanted that portrayed in my marketing materials. I am very pleased with the end result!"

Mechelle Reasoner

Five Oaks Realty

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