Featured Corporate Design Project:

Novate Solutions, Inc.

Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Clothing, Vehicle Graphics

Novate Solutions, Inc.

Novate Solutions is a mid-sized engineering firm based in Northern California. Founder and CEO Carlos Rogers brought me on to implement a total corporate rebrand for his company. Carlos wanted to overhaul everything; logo, all internal documentation, marketing materials, fleet vehicles, even the hard hats his team members wear when they were out on a job site. His goal was to achieve a unified and cohesive brand that was consistent and recognizable, and that no matter where he and his team were, they would be recognized instantly as Novate Solutions.

My job, first and foremost, was to create a logo that was eye catching and versatile. Working closely with Carlos and his team, I created a system that consisted not only of a main logo, but three different sub marks as well, all of which could stand alone and still maintain brand consistency. Once the logo was finalized, it was then time to implement it.

Business cards, letterhead, marketing collateral, internal documentation, posters, vehicles, shirts, hardhats; all of it was redesigned to reflect the new logo, colors and font choices that defined Novate’s image. It was a huge endeavor, but the end result was well worth the hard work, and Carlos feels that his company’s new brand is reflective of its mission and core values.

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