Featured Corporate Design Project:

Yes on Measure B

Mailer, Walk Piece, Letterhead, Remit, Web Ad, Endorsement Form

Yes on Measure B

In political design, a graphic designer has the same goal, to create a consistent brand that is recognizable and a message that is consistent. The designer also has to take into consideration the immense amount of other noise that occurs during election season, so the message and brand has to be eye catching enough not only to stand out among all that chaos, but sway the voter and compel them to act in one way or another.

The work I did for the Yes on Measure B campaign is a good example of consistent messaging. My job was to take an existing logo provided by the client and create a cohesive look throughout. Walk pieces, letterhead, remits, web ads – all of it needed to be recognizable and most importantly, impart information about a complex traffic initiative in a way that was clear, concise and memorable to the voter.

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