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West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

Graphic Design, Event Program

West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, I have been fortunate enough to work with the president, Verna Sulpizio, and her staff, on several projects for various events sponsored by the Chamber. The one I’m most proud of is the program that would be handed out at Mayor Christopher Cabaldon’s State of the City Address.

This annual event spotlights achievements made by the city, and the business leaders and organizations that contribute to the city’s progress and growth. When at the last minute the original designer had to back out of the project, Verna brought me on to take over. During her tenure as president, Verna had been working to revamp the image of the marketing collateral produced by the West Sacramento Chamber, so she wanted the program to reflect that same goal.

Using last year’s program as a reference point, my aim was to keep the overall feel but update the look with cleaner fonts and much more elbow room between all the different elements and information. I also incorporated the spring green, brown, and gray that were chosen as the colors to be used in the décor for this year’s event. I believe the end result hit the mark and achieved what both Verna and I had been aiming for.

"As a membership based, non-profit organization, we need to know that our money is spent wisely. Ten 18 Graphic Design was the right choice and Jennifer Perez didn’t disappoint at all! She quickly jumped onboard with our vision, offered her industry expertise, and beautifully executed each project."

Austin Cooper

West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce

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