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With almost 25 years of graphic design experience, my career has taken me from pre-press technician to designing for ad agencies, magazine publishers, corporations, non-profit organizations, and political campaigns. 

I love working with clients who are ready to invest in their image, their business, and themselves. I take their message and their mission and translate it into a unique design which I take from initial development to final production.

I have a background in Fine Art with a degree in Communication Design. I live in West Sacramento, California with my husband Coby, daughter Isabella, and a very handsome (and extremely ridiculous) American Bulldog named Louie. 



Transcending Print and Digital Branding

I speak both print and digital, and understand the importance of continuity for your overall branding needs across all medias, from postcards and your company vehicle, to your website and social media.


Fluent in PrePress and Print Production

I have extensive prepress and print experience, and understand how to prepare files that are needed for the printing process. I take the digital layout to an optimized printed piece, and can guide you through the production process to ensure that your design project comes out perfectly.


Multi-faceted Design Creation

I understand that your designs are utilized in a million ways and need to be optimized for both screen and print. I create everything from simple designs for social media to complex graphics for logos or marketing materials.


Translating your Mission into Art

It is important to get to know you and your business. I take your mission, your goals, and vision and translate into graphics that represents you to the world. I take pride in making you recognizable.

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