Measure X1

Quite often the challenge in political design is to take an initiative or issue that is incredibly complex and difficult to understand and make it something the average voter can relate to and make sense of. Yes on Measure X1, the City of Berkeley’s Fair Elections Act, was a good example. The goal was to take a very intricate and convoluted ballot measure about campaign financing and distill it down to a few key points that were easy for the voter to interpret. I started first with creating a clear and impactful logo for the campaign. Next came the two mail pieces that needed to explain visually what the measure was about. I even went so far as to recreate what the measure would look like on the actual ballot the voters would be using, so that when it came time to vote they would recognize it. The end result was a campaign brand that was clear and memorable. Best of all, it worked, and the measure passed!

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